Atom Guide

Bone Flute

A flute Sam discovers in an ancient tomb. It has some very unique properties!


A team of four field agents in The Few. A Paladin, Juggernaut, Reader and Charlatan.


A synthetic compound which allows communication between carbon and silicone based systems.


A type of field agent in The Few whose primary roles are intelligence gathering, spying and covert operations.

Cold Suit

A thermal cloaking device created by Harbinger Robotics and made from Nanothread.


The annual Cadre tournament held in The Crucible on Valsieve Island.

Dark Mods

Genetic Modifications the use of which has been outlawed or deemed dangerous by The Council of The Few.

Dragon’s Breath

An extreme energy drink designed for people using Mods. Mainstream versions come in special Dragon tins with Popping Candy in the mouth.


The study of plants and their practical uses through the traditional knowledge of a local culture and people.

Fabulous Atoms

A free service created by Jasper Van Sandt to help people register a patent in the United Kingdom.

Far Sight windows

One way windows able to receive a feed from anywhere in the world, which transmit sight, sound and heat.


Farnsworth’s Learning and Interactive Cybernetic Curator. Looks after The Royal Society archives.

Flint fingers

A Mod which hardens the fingers to the point where clicking them produces a spark.


The term given to folding time and space to create a tear through which the physical body could travel.

Forbidden Inventions

The three inventions forbidden by The Council of The Few. They are Invisibility, Shrinking and Time travel.

Genetic memory

An extremely rare condition which allows a person to recall all the memories and skills of the person’s ancestors. Not to be confused with the Forbidden Physarum Mod created from isolating the gene from Physarum Polysepalum.


A Clone Drone. A robot which mimics a users actions through a set of rings.


Nanodes capable of connecting to other and then emitting light to form physical holograms.


A Holobot globe, located in the Old Library, showing a real time meteorological image of the earth.


A synthetic image which appears three dimensional to the human eye.

Hot Spot

A compact heat weapon manufactured by Harbinger Robotics.


A motorbike with an anti gravity engine. It has skis instead of wheels.


A year long assessment during which children of The Blood are assed for field training. Cadre training follows and lasts two years.

Jitters pistol

Sound weapon which interrupts the electrical signals in the body. Induces loss of all voluntary muscle control.


A member of a Cadre whose primary role is to be the muscle. Skilled fighters and athletes.


Remnants of a series of paving stones which ended at a broken archway. They are used to help Fold time and space, creating doorways to another place.


Slang term given to the horrible draining feeling when a Mod wears off. It often resulted in the shakes, blurred vision and dizziness


A plant found in the mountains surrounding The Gardens of Inti. The vines secrete a substance which inhibits voluntary muscle control.

Living Statue serum (LS2)

A synthetic compound created by Harbinger Robotics that puts someone into a state of suspended animation, however the can still see, hear and are wide awake. Favoured by Ms. Keller.


Magnetic Femtobots used to change skin tones, primarily for tattoos or make up.


A weapon created by Harbinger Robotics which folds and compresses an object.

Memory Merchant

An outlaw Gene trader who administers genetically encoded memories using the Forbidden Physarum Mod.


Organic, CarboSilicone flora able to relay sights and sounds. They require no electricity or mechanics and can interface with the Earth Song network from anywhere in the world.


Viking beer and the favoured drink of renowned inventor, Gustaf Felvovin.

Mod (Modification)

The slang term given to Transient Genetic Modifications that express foreign genes in the human genome.

Mod pen

A covert device used to administer Mods. It is coded to the user’s DNA and if anyone else attempts to use it, the pen will defend itself or flee.


Nanodes are tiny robots whose components are at or near the scale of a nanometre. 


An experimental artificial compound which yields large quantities of ATP (energy) when ingested.


A patented compound which prevents chocolate and ice cream from melting.

Official Secrets Act

A law which prohibits the wrongful communication of information that is considered sensitive by the government.

Old Order

The Order of the Few before the time of Christopher Wren and The Invisible College.

Open Key SAT

A Suspended Animation Trap which can be opened by anyone not in the trap.


The leaders of a Cadre. Key attribute are guile and cunning. Swift and deadly, but diplomatic when needs must.


A very old mixed martial art, believed to have originated in ancient Greece to train the Spartans.

Physarum Mod

A genetic memory Mod created from isolating the gene from Physarum Polysepalum. This is Forbidden Mode and only sold by outlaw Gene trader who used it to administers genetically encoded memories.

Project Apostle

Code name given to a top secret project within Harbinger Robotics, to create a synthetic atom.

Quest match

A type of Cadre competition which can have many different objectives and landscapes. Quest matches typically involve achieving a goal before or by beating the other team(s).


Members of a Cadre. They are the academics; quick students with a capacity to store vast amounts of knowledge.

Rigor mortis Weapons

Blunt weapons with no edge and are relatively harmless. When they are switched on, any part of the body which the blade touches, stiffens up and becomes useless. They’re a supremely effective, non-lethal weapon.

Rosicrucian (The)

A movement that believes its members possess secret wisdom that was handed down to them from ancient times.


Rufus Mandle’s Portal Satchel. Allows the one-way transportation of inanimate objects from a shelf in the Quartermaster’s Stores.

Sea Legs

A fungal extract that causes the victim to lose balance and co-ordination


A Cadre clan crest. Similar in principle to a traditional a coat of arms. Often tattooed onto Cadre members using Magnetinc.


Somatic Nervous System Curare. A compound harvested from Lanelia vines, which causes paralysis of all non-vital muscles and organs.


A controlled and repeatable Einstein–Rosen bridge (wormhole) which bends time and space to bring two predetermined points together and creates a portal.


Sumer is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia.


Spoiler! This definition will be provided when The Tricky Devils is released.


An invention by Robert Brown. Chemical sun block which provides Factor 30 protection from the sun for 48 hours.


A chemical present in certain pollens and nectars endemic to The Gardens of Inti. It causes sterility in certain insects.

The Blood

The original descendants of The Few. One child is required per generation to be dedicated to Cadre Induction.

The Cube

The AI server cluster of The Order of The Few connected to the Earth Song network.

The Inventors Fair

An annual fair held at the end of the Northern Hemisphere summer, on Valsieve Island. Associated with the annual CruciBowl.

The Order of the Few

The name given to the secret society Herredrion founded after the battle of Troy, to protect knowledge and endeavour to stop humans destroying both themselves and the planet.

The Royal Society

Located in London, England, The Royal Society is the world’s oldest independent scientific academy, dedicated to promoting excellence in science.

Time Box

One of Christopher Wren’s Hidden Inventions, the Time Box allows post to be sent back in time as far as 1654.


A strategy board game developed by the monks of Shen Pi.