Welcome to The Fabulous Atomverse

 The Fabulous Arrangement of Atoms is a series of books, graphic novels (and currently being adapted for TV) by Eddy Telviot.

The first book in the series, The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors, reached #2 (so close!) on Amazon. The Augmented Edition however is an Amazon #1 bestseller!

It’s an adventure story about a secret society of inventors (The Few) who have protected a mysterious book for thousands of years. Harbinger Robotics will stop at nothing to get it!

Set in a world where genetics and science blur the boundaries or reality, this contemporary SFF rollercoaster is packed with legends, intrigue, gadgets, epic fights and exotic locations!

Taking a seemingly innocent summer apprenticeship, fifteen-year-old Sam is drawn into the mysterious world of The Few. He and three new friends are chosen to be trained in forgotten arts by this ancient order, whose existence is shrouded in dark science, marvellous modifications and incredible inventions. It’s the beginning of an epic and relentless adventure that spans the globe.

The stakes are high and The Few must adapt if they are to survive; for Ms Keller and Harbinger Robotics are poised for victory. They have learned of a scroll that will lead them to the book and, with it, change the world forever…